“When I see myself as whole “

For my final BFA piece I wanted to paint something that I always wanted to address in my work. Identity, particularly my Asian Amerian Identity in society. When it came to painting, I always filtered myself constantly which led me to abandon it for about two years. But for the final, I wanted to finish it with a painting, a piece where I no longer filtered myself and painted with purpose. Something that I, a Korean American Deal with everyday. My American-ness being questioned by society and even friends.  

Text (train of thought): “Trying to navigate spaces that have preconceived notions of my identity driven by society’s stereotypical ideologies. What do I do when the world makes me feel inadequate in my Asian American- Korean American body. Being American but not being American enough, but not being Asian enough. When will people stop thinking I’m missing pieces of myself. When will I be considered enough, when I see myself as whole. “But you’re not that Asian.” “You’re not like Asian Asian.” Why do people always find a need to point out the lack of identity they find in me, stop trying to breathe your life into me. I’m an Asian American body right before their eyes living and breathing in 2018.”